Five pupils were admitted to hospital after what is believed to have been a suspected raw vegetables incident at a school in Glasgow. The five were rushed to the local infirmary while six others were treated with lard as a precaution and later sent home.

Headmaster Gordon Murdoch said that some pupils may have eaten carrots or perhaps sugar snap peas in the local park during their lunch break. Teachers were first alerted to the problem when colour started to appear on the usually pasty faces of the kids.

He told our reporter: ‘We called emergency services immediately and thanks to their swift response none of the students are in danger. Nevertheless I would urge any concerned parents to speak to their own children and find out whether they have eaten any vegetables or fruit and to take medical advice if you think they have.’

One local SNP coucillor appealed for information about rogue greengrocers in the area: ‘Someone must know something. We’ve seen this type of thing in the media but when it’s happening on your own doorstep, it’s a disgrace.’

This latest story comes only two weeks after a local shopkeeper was jailed for selling ‘under the counter’ Quorn Nuggets.

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