A baby boy who was born early on Monday morning and whose teenaged parents saddled it with a stupid name, has, this morning, been given another name, or rather, he’s been re-named, with an even more stupid and particularly obscure name from the world of football.

Ronaldo (Row-nah-do) was the 19-year-old couple’s first stab at coming up with something daft, but later, when they really got their thinking caps on, and when the dad, who is a keen FIFA19 player, had another go on his game, he came up with ZeeGarsee, a local pronunciation of Aleix Garcia, which, even in England, is mispronounced Alexi Garcia.

Quite why they can’t just call the lad something ‘normal’ is a mystery.

Said a man standing nearby:

“There’s still time for it to be changed to Tommy Smith. Or even Alan Ball.”

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