George Floyd death: Trump threatens to send in army to end unrest

Army ordered to shoot on sight greedy Brits|Humor

WORLD 1 year ago

British army battles for the hearts of snowflakes and bloggers to fill jobs gap in 2020

WORLD 1 year ago

Turkey-Syria offensive: Syrian army heads north after Kurdish deal

US News 1 year ago

Why is the Army Still Honoring Confederate Generals?

WORLD 1 year ago

Twitter editorial executive is British Army ‘psyops’ soldier – report

WORLD 1 year ago

Amazon fires: Brazil sends army to help tackle blazes

WORLD 1 year ago

Sudan conflict: Army and civilians seal power-sharing deal


President Trump said Army Took Over Airports During Revolutionary War

WORLD 2 years ago

Ethiopia army chief shot dead in ‘coup bid’ attacks

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