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Deshaun Watson Police Report Triggers Investigation, QB’s Attorney Welcomes Probe

California’s Attorney General Decides How Ballot Initiatives Are Summarized. He’s Happy To Abuse This Power.

WORLD 10 months ago

US Attorney Geoffrey Berman denies he is stepping down

US News 10 months ago

Attorney Resigns From Use of Force Committee After Being Shot, Gassed by Denver Police


Lil Wayne’s Attorney Says He’s ‘Clear’ After Private Plane Searched

US News 1 year ago

Environmental Activists Target Exxon’s Lead Attorney in Climate Liability Case, a Prominent Democratic Donor

US News 2 years ago

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Will Support Repeal of Controversial Law Stripping Larry Krasner of Authority

HUMOR 2 years ago

Acting US Attorney General A Dead Ringer For Jeremy ‘World’s Hottest Felon’ Meeks|Humor

US News 3 years ago

Minnesota Attorney General — Now Democratic Frontrunner for Governor — Relied on Government Employees for Campaign Work, They Say

US News 3 years ago

Minnesota Democrats Endorse Little-Known Progressive Over Incumbent For Attorney General, Shocking Establishment

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