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Biden’s Tax Plan Means 60 Percent of Taxpayers Will Pay More

Key Words: CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins calls President Biden’s apology ‘completely unnecessary’ after heated Geneva exchange

LIBERTY 2 weeks ago

Joe Biden’s Fragile Global Minimum Tax Cartel

LIBERTY 3 weeks ago

Biden’s Astronomical Budget Proposal Even Has Some Democrats Worried

LIBERTY 4 weeks ago

Biden’s ‘Rescue Plan’ Will Sic the IRS on Anyone Who Earns $600 in the Gig Economy

LIBERTY 1 month ago

Here’s How Biden’s Proposed Tax Increases Will Affect You

LIBERTY 2 months ago

Biden’s ‘American Families Plan’ Sends the IRS To Snoop on Bank Transactions, Venmo Accounts

LIBERTY 2 months ago

Two Front War? Three Fronts? What’s Biden’s Game in Taiwan, Iran, and Ukraine?

US News 2 months ago

Biden’s Empty Gesture: Houthis No Longer “Terrorists” but Yemen’s Suffering Only Grows

LIBERTY 2 months ago

Biden’s $2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Is Teeming With Cronyism

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