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LIBERTY 3 months ago

‘Gimme Some More!’ – Zelensky In Washington, Slams New $47 Billion As ‘Not Enough!’

LIBERTY 4 months ago

November’s $249 Billion Federal Budget Deficit Set a Record. Now, Congress Is Preparing To Spend Even More.

LIBERTY 4 months ago

Congress To Sneak $37 Billion Ukraine Aid Into Must-Pass Omnibus Bill

LIBERTY 8 months ago

Senate Passes $740 Billion ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ That Will Probably Make Inflation Worse

LIBERTY 8 months ago

After a $54 Billion Airline Bailout, Elizabeth Warren Thinks She Gets To Make the Rules

LIBERTY 8 months ago

The Federal Student Loan Program Was Supposed To Pay for Itself. Now, It’ll Cost Taxpayers $197 Billion

LIBERTY 9 months ago

Biden To Spend $1.7 Billion For Healthcare…In Ukraine!

LIBERTY 11 months ago

War Comes Closer: Senate OK’s $40 Billion To Ukraine; NATO Pledges ‘Open Ended’ Support

WORLD 4 years ago

The big Brexit exodus? UK firms set to shift £800 billion in assets to EU countries

LIBERTY 4 years ago

Study: Trump’s Tariffs Are a $42 Billion Regressive Tax Increase

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