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Pedophiles are hunting children as young as 5 on Instagram as grooming triples on social media

Here’s What Lockdown Drills Are Like for School Children


Swizz Beatz Auctioning Off Painting to Raise Funds For Children in Need

Culture 4 years ago

These Prisoners Locked Up for Life as Children Could Have a Chance at Freedom After the Midterms

WORLD 4 years ago

Poster encouraging parents to shoot rabid children gets feature in UK govt. magazine

US News 4 years ago

Chaos Prevails in Immigrant Detention Centers, with Children Under 5 Still Separated From Parents

WORLD 4 years ago

Migrant children: US battle moves to Congress

US News 4 years ago

White House Defends Ripping Children From Parents as “Very Biblical to Enforce the Law”

US News 4 years ago

MLK’s Children Reveal His Undelivered Speech: “America May Go to Hell”

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