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Culture 3 months ago

Few Cops We Found Using Force on George Floyd Protesters Are Known to Have Faced Discipline

Culture 4 months ago

Limiting Qualified Immunity for Cops Was a Bipartisan Issue After George Floyd’s Murder. What Happened?

Culture 5 months ago

We Have Trainings to Stop Cops From Mistaking Their Guns for a Taser. Few Departments Use Them.

Culture 5 months ago

Video: Cops Draw Guns on a Black Army Officer, Pepper Spray Him, Force Him to the Ground

US News 5 months ago

Cops Crowdfunded Their K-9’s Hospital Bills — Then Quietly Admitted They Had Shot Him

LIBERTY 6 months ago

Cops Granted Immunity Despite Beating Handcuffed Child Nearly to Death in Shocking Video

LIBERTY 6 months ago

‘Bad Apple Act’ to End Qualified Immunity for Corrupt Cops Who Violate Rights

LIBERTY 6 months ago

Cops Arrested for Killing Man on ‘LIVE PD’ Over Failing to Dim Headlights, Crying, ‘I Can’t Breathe’

ENTERTAINMENT 6 months ago

Kendall Jenner Gets Protection From Man Cops Say Wants to Kill Her

LIBERTY 6 months ago

In a Massive Blow to Bad Cops, New York Effectively Ends Qualified Immunity

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