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Quota Scheme Essentially Forced Cops to Ticket 6% of Entire Population Every Week

Cops Forced to Create Crime in Quota Scheme of 4 Tickets Per Hour or Face Discipline

LIBERTY 8 months ago

‘Haha. We’re Good, No Witnesses.’ Cops Laugh as Fellow Cop Beats & Strangles His K-9

LIBERTY 8 months ago

Radical New Bill Forces Cops to Carry Personal Liability Insurance, Ends Qualified Immunity

Culture 8 months ago

“Please Don’t Kill Me,” Angelo Quinto Pleaded. The Cops Kneeled on His Neck for Four Minutes.

LIBERTY 8 months ago

A Dozen Cops Dispatched to Protect a Dumpster Full of Food from Hungry People

LIBERTY 8 months ago

Brave Judge Rules Cops Must Return Cash Seized Under Civil Asset Forfeiture—Or Go to Jail

ENTERTAINMENT 8 months ago

Phoenix Cops Caught Disparaging BLM Protesters on Video, Bias Exposed

LIBERTY 9 months ago

DA Refuses to Prosecute Cops Who Woke Up Sleeping Dad, Shot Him in The Back, Killing Him

ENTERTAINMENT 9 months ago

Cops Swarm Marilyn Manson’s L.A. Home for Welfare Check

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