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: How NYSE, Nasdaq’s battle with SEC over market data could affect retail investors

UK govt’s scientific advisers call for FREE GAMING & mobile data for young people during Covid-19 lockdown

WORLD 6 months ago

England and Wales record HUGE drop in theft, robbery during Covid-19 lockdown, but domestic crimes rise – govt data

US News 7 months ago

Excess Mortality Data Shows Trump Is Lying About Covid Being More Deadly in Europe

WORLD 10 months ago

Virtual-doctor app Babylon Health suffers UK data breach, allowing users to view other patients’ consultations

WORLD 11 months ago

Class divide: Nearly TWO-THIRDS of British working class unable to do jobs from home amid Covid-19 crisis, new data reveals

MONEY 1 year ago

Big Data tech CEO on the federal government’s response to coronavirus: ‘A total failure of leadership’

WORLD 1 year ago

‘Data is anonymized’: UK govt accused of ‘fiddling’ Covid-19 death figures amid ‘family consent’ claims

US News 1 year ago

New Data Shows the U.S. Military Is Severely Undercounting Civilian Casualties in Somalia

MONEY 1 year ago

Market Extra: Here’s how one Wall Street data guru looks at anonymous job reviews to make money

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