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LIBERTY 2 weeks ago

Out of Desperation, Democrats Resurrect ‘Insurrection’ Theater

LIBERTY 3 months ago

When Will Democrats Get Serious About Repealing Pot Prohibition?

LIBERTY 9 months ago

Taxing the Rich Isn’t Enough to Pay for Democrats’ Welfare State. They’ll Need To Soak the Middle Class Too.

LIBERTY 10 months ago

House Democrats Ready Taxes on E-Cigarettes and Cryptocurrency

LIBERTY 12 months ago

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Shows That Republicans Love Big Government Just as Much as Democrats

LIBERTY 12 months ago

Do Democrats Realize They Need Republican Support To Legalize Marijuana?

LIBERTY 12 months ago

Democrats Are Considering a $6 Trillion Infrastructure Plan That Has Little to Do With Infrastructure

LIBERTY 1 year ago

Biden’s Astronomical Budget Proposal Even Has Some Democrats Worried

LIBERTY 2 years ago

Eat The Rich? House Democrats Plan To Pass Huge Tax Break for Wealthy Homeowners.

US News 3 years ago

Democrats Want to End U.S. Support for the Yemen War — but They Might Continue Funding It Anyway

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