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Johnson says govt looking at quarantine hotels for travellers in bid to prevent ‘vaccine-busting variant’ entering the country

UK needs tougher Covid-19 measures to avoid a ‘catastrophic’ start to 2021 as new virus strain rampant – govt advisor

LIBERTY 2 months ago

It Took Gov’t Less Time to Approve COVID-19 Vaccine Than a $600 Check for Citizens

WORLD 2 months ago

UK ‘wasted’ BILLIONS fighting Covid-19 as inadequate crony firms were awarded govt contracts – report

WORLD 3 months ago

‘We might get thrown out of NATO’: Twitter baffled & divided over UK govt idea to send warships against EU fishermen

WORLD 4 months ago

UK govt to hold emergency meeting after plans for new Covid-19 lockdown in England leaked to media

US News 4 months ago

Bolivia’s Hardline Christian Govt Charged with Massacring Protesters as Morales Returns from Exile

WORLD 4 months ago

England and Wales record HUGE drop in theft, robbery during Covid-19 lockdown, but domestic crimes rise – govt data

US News 4 months ago

From a Wealthy Socialite to an Israeli Govt Censor, Facebook’s New “Free Speech Court” Is Anything but Independent

WORLD 4 months ago

But… books ARE essential! Wales govt unleashes tsunami of anger & ridicule with ban of ‘non-essential’ goods in supermarkets

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