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Trump Extremists Brought Numerous Guns on January 6, Evidence Shows

Culture 8 months ago

We Have Trainings to Stop Cops From Mistaking Their Guns for a Taser. Few Departments Use Them.

Culture 8 months ago

Video: Cops Draw Guns on a Black Army Officer, Pepper Spray Him, Force Him to the Ground

LIBERTY 8 months ago

State Defies Feds, Passes Law Letting Residents Buy & Carry Guns With NO Permit

LIBERTY 10 months ago

Supreme Court to Decide if Police Can Warrantlessly Raid Homes and Seize Guns of Innocent Citizens

LIBERTY 1 year ago

NYPD Cops Caught Pointing Guns at and Arresting Black Children for ‘Playing, High-Fiving’


Antonio Brown Arrest Warrant Issued, Beware of Guns

MONEY 3 years ago

The New York Post: Kamala Harris vows executive action on guns if elected president in 2020

LIBERTY 3 years ago

State Passes Bill To Seize Guns Based on Entirely ‘Unchallenged’ Accusations, With NO Due Process


Felicity Huffman Arrested by FBI with Guns Drawn, Loughlin to Surrender Wed

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