Cigarette Smuggling Keeps Illinois Residents in Affordable Smokes

Cigarette Smuggling Keeps Illinois Residents in Affordable Smokes

Looking for a business opportunity that will turn a quick profit? Here’s an idea: Load up a truck full of cigarettes in Missouri, drive them to neighboring Illinois, and watch the cash roll in from Prairie State smokers happy to find a respite from ruinous tobacco taxes. Well, yes, that’s illegal. But that just means […]

Illinois Wants to Launch a Huge Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign—In Jails

The voting rights of felons have been top of mind among criminal justice reformers for years. But that conversation has overlooked a group that, although technically eligible to vote, is often unable to cast a ballot: people who are awaiting trial in jail.  An Illinois bill that passed last month aims to change that. The bill, which the governor is expected to sign […]

Illinois prosecutors review a few lovemaking attack allegation against Weinstein

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Los Angeles prosecutors are reviewing three accusations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, a step toward possible criminal charges for the movie producer, a spokesman for the county District Attorney’s office said on Thursday. Los Angeles is one of three cities, along with New York and London, where police are investigating […]