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‘A blunt instrument being retrofitted’: London mayor slams government’s Covid tier restrictions

Liverpool mayor among group arrested over alleged bribery & witness intimidation in building corruption probe – reports

WORLD 2 months ago

Quality vs quota? Outcry as Mayor Sadiq Khan tells London police that 40% of new hires must be BAME

WORLD 3 months ago

London Mayor Sadiq Khan challenges UK government’s ‘false choice’ between tackling virus and protecting economy

MONEY 5 months ago

Key Words: Portland mayor Ted Wheeler unleashes on Trump: ‘What America needs is for you to be stopped’

WORLD 6 months ago

‘Totally unacceptable’: Mayor Khan tears into PM Johnson for leaving him out of London’s Covid-19 second wave planning

WORLD 9 months ago

Coronavirus: Free our children from lockdown, says Barcelona mayor

ENTERTAINMENT 10 months ago

Katherine Schwarzenegger Begs L.A. Mayor to Close Packed Farmer’s Market, He Does

MONEY 10 months ago

Ventilators remain No. 1 priority in NYC as Mayor says ‘April 5 is a day I am very worried about’

WORLD 1 year ago

Khan ‘losing control of our streets’: 3 killed in London stabbing frenzy, prompting calls for new mayor

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