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U.S. Military Responsible for Widespread PFAS Pollution in Japan

Where Should I Retire?: I’ll retire with a military pension and want to move to a bicycle-friendly, beer-loving place — so where should I go?

WORLD 5 months ago

Mosquito spray kills Covid-19? UK military researchers reportedly claim insect repellent may help keep virus away

LIBERTY 7 months ago

Family Says Don’t Join Military After Daughter Sexually Harassed, Murdered by Fellow Soldier

US News 7 months ago

Afghan Bounty Scandal Comes at Suspiciously Important Time for US Military Industrial Complex

US News 7 months ago

Murderous US Military Agents and Left-wing Extremists Share Stage in the Fake News Sweepstakes

US News 7 months ago

New Evidence Suggests Turkey Preparing for Libya-Style Military Intervention in Yemen

US News 9 months ago

As the US Grapples with Coronavirus, Congress Leaps into Action… On a New Military Draft

HUMOR 10 months ago

China’s Military Aspirations A Concern Says Wee Jimmy Krankie|Humor

US News 11 months ago

US Military Building Presence in Saudi Arabia for First Time in 17 Years

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