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LIBERTY 6 months ago

To Balance the Budget, Republicans Must Cut Military Spending, Trim Entitlements, or Raise Taxes

Culture 10 months ago

Republicans Hoped a “Crime Wave” Was Their Ticket to a Red Wave. It Wasn’t.

LIBERTY 11 months ago

Will Republicans Have The Courage To End Welfare For Ukraine?

Culture 12 months ago

Republicans Are Going All In to Convince You Crime Is Out of Control. They Don’t Have Any Proof.

Culture 1 year ago

Ohio Republicans Pass Bill Allowing Teachers to Carry Guns With Just 24 Hours of Training

US News 5 years ago

1.4 Million Floridians Get Their Voting Rights Back Today, Whether Republicans Like It or Not

US News 5 years ago

Buried in Wisconsin Republicans’ Lame-Duck Legislation: Drug Testing Requirements for Food Stamp Applicants

US News 5 years ago

Republicans Used a Bill About Wolves to Avoid a Vote on Yemen War

US News 5 years ago

White Nationalist Steve King May Have Won, but Iowa Race Shows Republicans Are Losing Ground in Rural Areas

US News 5 years ago

Gallup Poll Finds Only Republicans Don’t Want a Third Party

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