Tag: Senate
LIBERTY 4 days ago

Senate Anti-TikTok Bill Is ‘Patriot Act For Technology’

LIBERTY 8 months ago

Senate Passes $740 Billion ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ That Will Probably Make Inflation Worse

LIBERTY 10 months ago

Busted! Homeland Security Secretary Lied To Senate About Disinfo Board!

LIBERTY 11 months ago

War Comes Closer: Senate OK’s $40 Billion To Ukraine; NATO Pledges ‘Open Ended’ Support

WORLD 4 years ago

Trump faces Senate revolt in vote on border emergency

LIBERTY 4 years ago

State Senate Passes Landmark Bill to Ban Cops From Stealing from Innocent People

US News 4 years ago

The US Senate Just Quietly Advanced A Free Speech Busting Anti-BDS Bill

US News 4 years ago

First Senate Bill of 2019 Would Give Billions to Israel, Undermine BDS

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