Thanks to Trump’s Family Separations, Democrats Are in the Hot Seat for Taking Private Prison Cash

In a theater outside Miami last month, as a debate between four Democratic candidates for Florida governor approached the two-hour mark, 18-year-old activist ErrDaisha Floyd took the mic and turned the conversation toward a topic close to her heart: private prisons. The companies that run them “provide a direct incentive to contract-holders to ensure and keep […]

Understaffed Federal Prison Is Taking in 1,000 Noncriminal Immigrants, and Even the Guards Are Protesting

Last week, as the first busloads of immigrants rolled up to the federal prison complex in Victorville, California, the facilities there went on lockdown. The Victorville complex, in an unexpected move, had agreed to accept 1,000 detainees from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which said it had run out of beds because of its crackdown on […]

How e-commerce with drone delivery is taking flight in China

How e-commerce with drone delivery is taking flight in China

Delivering the goods LATE on a Monday morning the village of Zhangwei is quiet. Chickens scratch and cluck at the side of the road. Workers use wooden spades to spread grain on the highway to dry, using half its width so that traffic can still pass on the other side. Yet at the community centre […]

NRA denounces Meghan for taking refuge in gun-free Britain|Humor

The National Rifle Association says it’s no coincidence that Meghan Markle “bailed out” of the US as the incidence of spree shooting went up. “We don’t take kindly to people who jump ship”, says NRA spokesman Ray Carr. “For the price of a trans-Atlantic flight she could have tooled up with an AR15 rifle and […]

Applicant Carly Novell Took over as Second Member of Her Loved ones to outlive an overload Taking pictures

Carly Novell, a senior at the Florida high school where at 17 people were killed in a mass shooting Wednesday afternoon, survived by hiding in a closet with several of her classmates. It was an eerie parallel to a day almost 70 years earlier, when Novell’s grandfather, Charles Cohen, survived one of the nation’s earliest mass shootings by […]

Two Immigrants Detained in New Jersey While Taking Children to School; Third Seeks Sanctuary in Church

In New Jersey, immigrant rights advocates and faith leaders are speaking out against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for detaining multiple parents while they were taking their children to school. On Thursday, Roby Sanger was detained by ICE after dropping his two daughters off at school, while Gunawan Liem was detained after he dropped his daughter […]

Oscar nomination for man pretending to wash hands after taking a leak|Humor

A Chelmsford man was celebrating today, after his realistic portrayal of someone washing their hands after taking a leak in a public urinal was rewarded with a best actor nomination at the Oscars. Peter Jones, 46, is thought to have spent years perfecting his technique in his local shopping centre public conveniences, going through the […]