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LIBERTY 2 weeks ago

Americans Spent More on Taxes Last Year Than on Food, Health Care, Education, and Clothing Combined

LIBERTY 4 weeks ago

New York Set to Hobble ‘Legal’ Cannabis with Taxes and Regulations

LIBERTY 1 month ago

Congress Just Passed the Inflation Reduction Act. It Will Hike Taxes on Some Middle-class Households.

LIBERTY 4 months ago

Gov. Newsom Proposes Eliminating One of California’s Many Marijuana Taxes

LIBERTY 1 year ago

House Democrats Ready Taxes on E-Cigarettes and Cryptocurrency

LIBERTY 1 year ago

The Pandemic Has Most Americans Paying No Federal Income Taxes

LIBERTY 4 years ago

Lower Taxes May Have Helped Philadelphia Sign Bryce Harper

LIBERTY 4 years ago

Ron Wyden’s Marijuana Bill Is 2% Legalization, 98% Taxes and Regulations

LIBERTY 4 years ago

Taxes Are Getting Weaponized for Partisan Purposes

US News 4 years ago

With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Americans Finally Have a Politician Who Agrees With Them About Taxes

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