Joe Biden Is President, but Donald Trump’s Legacy of Violence Looms

: Trump’s movement ‘only just beginning,’ president says in farewell address

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The Wall Street Journal: Prior to Capitol riot, Proud Boys took Trump’s words as call to action

US News 1 week ago

Unpacking the Aftermath of Trump’s Coup Attempt With Brian Becker

US News 2 weeks ago

Oak Flat: Trump’s Final Middle Finger to the Environment

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Capitol Report: Biden says Trump’s distribution effort for COVID vaccines is ‘far behind’

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Obama Book Explains How Birtherism Made Trump’s Presidency

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President Trump’s Brain Distances Itself From His Mouth|Humor

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Tantrum and Theater: Trump’s Desperation After Election Loss Isn’t Yet a Coup

WORLD 2 months ago

US election security officials reject Trump’s fraud claims

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