A New Low: MGM Files Lawsuit Against Over 1,000 Las Vegas Shooting Victims


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Las Vegas – Nine months after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, MGM Resorts International has filed a lawsuit against more than 1,000 victims, in an attempt to avoid liability.

MGM’s famous Mandalay Bay Hotel was the site where suspect Stephen Paddock is accused of destroying the windows in his room on the 32nd floor, and then unleashing a hail of bullets on the crowd below at the nearby Route 91 Harvest festival—which was held at a venue that is also owned by MGM.

The move marks a new low for the company, which has faced massive scrutiny for both its response to the shooting and the failure of its employees to spot the obvious warning signs in the days before the massacre.

In November 2017, hundreds of shooting survivors filed multiple lawsuits against MGM in Nevada and California, and argued that Mandalay Bay staff were guilty of “failing to properly monitor Paddock’s activities, train staff members and employ adequate security measures.”

The Nevada Supreme Court gave hope to many of the survivors when it overturned a case that could have served as a precedent to protect MGM Resorts from legal liability. The case was from 2010, and it occurred at another MGM property, the New York-New York Hotel.

Carey Humphries and Lorenzo Rocha were at the casino when they were attacked by a man in an assault that was so brutal, it fractured Humphries’s skull. While courts initially ruled that the New York-New York had no way to foresee the attack, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the attack actually could have been predicted because there had been other violent incidents at the casino—therefore the hotel and MGM could be held liable.

In the case of the Las Vegas shooting, because there are more than 1,000 victims attempting to hold MGM accountable for its responsibility in the massacre, it could leave to massive financial damages for the company. As a result, MGM has now filed a lawsuit against the victims, claiming that all accusations against the company “must be dismissed” and that it accepts “no liability of any kind” for the shooting.” According to a report from the Review-Journal:

The company cites a 2002 federal act that extends liability protection to any company that uses “anti-terrorism” technology or services that can “help prevent and respond to mass violence.” In this case, the company argues, the security vendor MGM hired for Route 91, Contemporary Services Corp., was protected from liability because its services had been certified by the Department of Homeland Security for “protecting against and responding to acts of mass injury and destruction.” The lawsuits argue that this protection also extends to MGM, since MGM hired the security company.

While the lawsuit does not request financial compensation from the victims, it does ask for a judge to protect MGM from any future lawsuits related to the shooting.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, MGM Resorts International is responsible for publicly changing its narrative on the events of the shooting multiple times. One of the most crucial shifts occurred in January when MGM claimed that the hotel staff at Mandalay Bay had at least 10 interactions with Paddock in the days before the shooting.

At least two of those interactions occurred on Oct. 1, the day that Paddock is alleged to have killed 58 people and injured more than 500 by launching a shooting spree out of his hotel room window on the 32nd floor. A spokesperson for MGM told the Review-Journal that the interactions on that fatal day consisted of a room service delivery and a visit from housekeeping:

“Mandalay Bay staff, room service, and housekeeping had contact with Paddock or entered his suite more than 10 times over the course of his stay, including the three days leading up to October 1. There were numerous interactions with Stephen Paddock every day at the resort, including a room service delivery and a call with housekeeping on October 1, all of which were normal in nature.”

Following the shooting, reports claimed that Paddock’s arsenal consisted of 47 guns—23 of which were found in his hotel room—along with more than 50 pounds of exploding targets and 1,600 rounds of ammunition.

During an interview with Fox News Sunday one week after the shooting, chief executive of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn, suggested that Paddock may have escaped public attention by taking the service elevator, a perk typically given to “high rollers.”

“You’d never stop a man like this (Paddock) from coming in the building,” Wynn said. Howevernobody in this company’s history, no public person, has ever walked in the service elevator unless they were accompanied by security. Uh, that wouldn’t happen.”

The statement from MGM Resorts International concluded that despite having at least 10 interactions with Paddock in the days leading up to the shooting, the hotel staff believed that “there was no need to conduct a welfare check.

While MGM’s lawsuit against the victims serves as yet another filing in a case that puts the company on the stand, it could give the public insight into the questionable actions of the MGM employees before, during and after the October 1, 2017, shooting.

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The Free Thought Project

Rose Parade to Display Massive Police Presence in Wake of Vegas Massacre

Rose ParadeMassive Police Presence… In Wake of Vegas Massacre

12/27/2017 1:00 AM PST


Authorities responsible for the Rose Parade have the Vegas massacre on their minds — in fact, front and center — TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources say the Parade is now a national matter … authorities from the Pasadena as well as surrounding police departments will be all over the parade route, along with state police and federal agents.  

We’re told so far there are no credible threats that could put parade-goers in harm’s way, but these are different times. There was no real warning with the Vegas shooter and authorities are keenly aware these attacks increasingly materialize without any warning.

And more signs of the times … there will be barricades preventing terrorists from entering the route and going on a rampage. The area will be shut down 24 hours in advance so it can be fully secured.

There will be a full compliment of cops and equipment … magnetometers, undercover officers, cops on horseback. The presence of law enforcement will be massive.

Cops want to stress what you’ve been hearing … if you see something, say something.

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10 Hard Facts Explaining Why the Vegas Shooting Has Disappeared from Headlines


Las Vegas, NV – With the 24/7 news cycle constantly in full swing, important stories at times get lost in the constant onslaught of non-stop information. The mainstream media gatekeepers essentially dictate what social and cultural memes are injected into the public consciousness, what topics are discussed, and which cases are given publicity and thoroughly investigated with journalistic rigor.

With such oligarchical control of the mass media – the media gatekeepers of information decide what stories stay in the glare of the public spotlight, and which ones are allowed to fade from the headlines.

Without question, one would reasonably expect the most deadly mass shooting in recent American history, which took place in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, to maintain a strong presence in the headlines — especially given the lack of answers surrounding the case.

The scant information released by investigators indicates that Stephen Paddock, 64, who by all accounts was independently wealthy and a Vegas high-roller, opened fire on a music festival from a 32nd-floor hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Casino.

The massacre left 58 dead and 546 injured, yet one and a half months later and there are still few answers – even to the most basic of questions.

Now, a month and a half later, there are few answers to the most deadly mass shooting in recent U.S. history – and perhaps even more strange – the case has been jettisoned from the 24/7 mainstream media cycle, despite the fact that the most basic of questions have yet to be answered.

One would assume that such a high-profile case would garner widespread interest from investigative teams across the spectrum of major broadcast mass media and cable news, and yet, there are no penetrating journalistic investigations delving into the many unanswered questions.

In fact, coverage and investigation into the highly dubious shooting are virtually non-existent outside of online alternative news media.


Here are the few facts that we know thus far, and they seem to raise more questions than answers:

  1. The official timeline of the mass shooting has been changed at least three different times.

2. Paddock wired $ 100,000 to an account located in the Philippines a week prior to the massacre.

3. Investigators claim Paddock’s laptop was missing its hard drive when they found it in his hotel room.

4. Paddock reportedly took cruises that made port stops in the Middle East.

5. Authorities now claim an officer discharged his weapon in Paddock’s hotel roomafter denying it for the first month after the attack. (This raises the question of why police discharged a weapon if Paddock had already committed suicide prior to law enforcement breaching the room? And why they lied about it after the fact.)

6. Security guard Jesus Campos, who reportedly came across Paddock as he began his attack was allegedly shot in the leg, but a spokesperson for UMC Quick Care, the walk-in health clinic facility Campos supposedly went to after being shot, said they had “heard nothing” about Campos visiting them.

7. During an interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, an attorney for the victims revealed that not only did police officers respond to Campos after he was shot, they were right outside of Paddock’s door before he began shooting out of his hotel room window.

“As of yesterday it was that two—we knew about Campos—but there were two other police officers from MGM that were on the floor prior to the shooting,” Craig Eiland said.

8. Eiland also noted that MGM Grand claims to have a “corporate watch center” that trains its employees to report any suspicious activity. So if a guest arrived at Mandalay Bay Hotel with 27 rifles and 5,000 rounds of ammunition stored in 10 bags, why didn’t the employees who helped him, or the cleaning service who visited his room regularly, report suspicious activity? And if they did, why wasn’t it addressed? 

9. On Halloween, a suspect, identified as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, rented a pickup truck, drove it onto a busy bicycle path and mowed down innocent people. Almost immediately after the horrific attack that left 8 dead and a dozen more injured, video of Saipov, an Uzbekistan native, was released. There has yet to be a single image of Stephen Paddock released from the thousands of cameras inside and outside of the Mandalay Bay Casino.

10. Campos disappeared days after the shooting, reportedly leaving the country, thus, being a no-show to numerous scheduled television news interviews. Upon his return to the U.S., he did a softball, scripted, interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where no penetrating journalism, nor tough questions were asked. The interview was almost comical in the sense that DeGeneres did more narrating of the actual events than Campos, which allowed for him to not divulge any information.

So why did Jesus Campos leave the country in the middle of an investigation into the most-deadly mass shooting in recent American history? Why did he refuse to do the news interviews, and instead opt for a scripted daytime talk show?

The Mandalay Bay, and all of the Vegas Strip for that matter, are some of the most heavily survielled areas on the planet — yet we have seen no video footage, or even stills — of Paddock.

Additionally, as we previously reported, 4 survivors of the attack have died under somewhat questionable circumstances.

As a report from Zero Hedge notes:

Notably, both Kymberley Suchomel and Danny Contreras both publicly claimed there were multiple gunmen the night of the mass shooting. Dennis and Lorraine Carver died after their Mercedes smashed into a metal gate and exploded into flames.

Per CNN:

The couple’s youngest daughter, 16-year-old Madison Carver, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she heard the crash from her bedroom. When she ran outside and down the street to find out what had happened, she recognized her family’s vehicle in flames.

By the time their daughter heard the crash (which only happened about a half mile from the Carver’s home) and ran down the road to see what had happened, the car was engulfed in flames… Much like everything else pertaining to the Vegas shooting, the story just doesn’t make sense.

There still has been no motive released for the massacre.

The complete silence from law enforcement in such a high-profile case raises serious questions about the potential for some type of cover-up taking place.

Why is there no investigative coverage of Vegas shooting by major media organizations? Why did the story simply vanish from the news cycle with so much public interest and so many unanswered questions?

The fact that there have been virtually no answers to any of the questions that have arisen from the official story not adding up, while simultaneously being blacked out by the mainstream mass media, seems to indicate an intentional soft-censoring of the Vegas mass shooting… the only question is why?

Over a month and a half later – and we know exactly as much as we did in the immediate aftermath of the attack… virtually nothing.

Contrast that to the recent attack in New York where a detailed picture of the suspect and his activities in the hours and days before the attack was public within hours.…

…yet in the case of Stephen Paddock, we still know nothing a month and a half later.

The official narrative does not add up in the Las Vegas attack, and the public needs to be sure to hold the lamestream media and those investigating the massacre accountable.

It’s clear that this story is being censored by legacy media in an effort to keep the American public in the dark about the exact details surrounding the most-deadly mass shooting in recent U.S. history.

Out of respect for the memory 58 dead and 546 injured — we need to ask why this investigation is being blacked-out and hidden from the public.

Do we really believe that after the most-deadly mass-shooting in America, and with few answers, everyone just decided they didn’t care about the who, what, where, why, and how of the attack?

Please share this important story to help increase public awareness regarding the numerous oddities surrounding the Vegas mass-shooting — and the ongoing media blackout!

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The Free Thought Project

Las Vegas shooter’s laptop hard drive missing, brother charged with child porn

Investigators recovered a laptop computer from Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel room, but its hard drive is missing. In a separate case, Paddock’s brother has been charged with possession of child pornography.

Investigators believe Paddock removed the hard drive from the laptop before he fatally shot himself, following the October 1 mass shooting from his Mandalay Bay hotel room in Las Vegas, according to unnamed sources, ABC News reported Wednesday.

Oct 2, 2017 - Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. The Mandalay Bay hotel-casino is seen from a distance as Las Vegas Metro Police block off Las Vegas Blvd. the morning after a gunman fired on concert goers. © Global Look Press

Vital clues may have been stored on the hard drive as to why Paddock killed so many people.

The missing device has not yet been recovered, but investigators looking into Paddock’s background discovered he had purchased software designed to erase files from a hard drive. Without examining the drive, however, it would be impossible to know if he used the software, one unnamed source told ABC News.

As authorities continue to sift through every aspect of Paddock’s life, the absence of substantial digital clues has left them in a bind, as investigators try to piece together the shooter’s motives.

Paddock, like other mass shooters in the past, has allegedly attempted to hide digital clues.

Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung Hui removed the hard drive of his computer in 2007, and disposed of his cell phone shortly before carrying out the massacre at his school. The devices were never found, according to ABC News.

In 2008, Northern Illinois shooter, Steven Kazmierczak, had removed the sim card from his laptop and phone, and neither was ever recovered.

And in 2012, Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza removed the hard drive from his computer, while smashing it with either a hammer or screwdriver.

Brother of Vegas shooter booked on child pornography & exploitation charges

Bruce Paddock, the brother of the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen, has been arrested on one count of possession of over 600 images of child pornography, and 19 counts of sexual exploitation of a child. The evidence was found inside a California-based business.

Paddock, 59, was arrested on Wednesday in Los Angeles according to a filing by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, ABC News reported.

He is being held at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Metropolitan Detention Center, with bail set at $ 60,000, police said, according to ABC News. It is not yet clear if Paddock has enlisted a lawyer.

A felony complaint by the Los Angeles Police Department alleges that between January 2014 and August 2014, the man was in possession of over 600 images of child, or youth pornography.

READ MORE: 120 child sex traffickers arrested, 84 kids rescued in FBI sting (VIDEO)

When the investigation initially started, Paddock was a transient and couldn’t be located, but he was recently found and arrested in the North Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

The investigation into the Las Vegas shooter’s brother began after authorities found evidence at a business in Sun Valley, California, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, ABC News reported.

Police commented on Paddock’s living situation, and stated that the man had been “squatting” inside the business after he was evicted from his residence, KNBC reported.

Court records show that Paddock has previous convictions for theft, criminal threats and vandalism, according to NBC News.

Paddock spoke with NBC News after his brother committed the massacre in Las Vegas, and stated that he was questioned mostly about his brother’s childhood by FBI agents, according to KNBC.

RT US News

Media Silent As Gov’t Uses Vegas Shooting to Push Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches

As the mainstream media provides relentless coverage of the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood sex scandal, there is one major piece of legislation it is ignoring, and if passed, it will have massive repercussions for all Americans.

More than 40 organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, have joined together to condemn the USA Liberty Act, a trendy name for a dangerous bill that reauthorizes and creates additional loopholes for Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).


In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, the coalition noted that one of the most obvious problems with the USA Liberty Act is that it fails to address concerns with the “backdoor search loophole,” which allows the government toconduct warrantless searches for the information of individuals who are not targets of Section 702, including U.S. citizens and residents.”


“The USA Liberty Act departs from the recommendation made by the President’s Review Group on Surveillance, appropriations amendments that have previously passed the House, and urgings of civil society organizations, which would have required a probable cause warrant prior to searching the Section 702 database for information about a U.S. citizen or resident absent narrow exceptions. As written, it raises several concerns. First, the bill’s most glaring deficiency is that it does not require a warrant to access content in cases where the primary purpose is to return foreign intelligence. This is an exception that threatens to swallow the rule.”

Not surprisingly, the USA Liberty Act claims that it will “better protect Americans’ privacy” by requiring the government to have “a legitimate national security purpose” before searching an individual’s database. Then when they do have that purpose established, they will be required to “obtain a court order based on probable cause to look at the content of communications, except when lives or safety are threatened, or a previous probable cause-based court order or warrant has been granted.”

However, as The Free Thought Project previously reported, what the USA Liberty Act does not advertise is the fact that the FBI’s “legitimate national security purpose” could be justified by just about any reason the agency chooses to give, and agents will only need supervisory authority in order to search Americans’ metadata.

As the coalition noted in its letter, “the bill’s current language leaves room for the government to conduct queries and access content for law enforcement purposes without a warrant,” which should be considered a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.

“The current language does not make clear that the government must have a warrant to access content for law enforcement searches where the purpose may not be to specifically obtain evidence of a crime, or in cases where there may be a dual foreign intelligence and criminal purpose. As such, the bill could still permit the government to conduct queries and access content without a warrant in cases involving criminal investigations and prosecutions.”

The coalition also criticized the USA Liberty Act’s broad consent and emergency exceptions, noting that, “the emergency provision does not parallel analogous provisions in FISA and require imminence or that the government go back to the FISA court for a warrant after beginning the emergency surveillance.”

While the government claims the purpose of FISA is to allow surveillance on the communications of foreign targets who were suspected terrorists, it should be noted that the law has been used to spy on the communications of innocent Americans—despite the practice being ruled illegal—and any reauthorization of the law will only allow the practice to continue under the guise of “preventing terrorism.”

When the USA Patriot Act was passed in 2001, and the USA Freedom Act was passed in 2015, the U.S. government used fear-based propaganda disguised in the form of All-American titled legislation, which was spread without contest by the mainstream media. Section 702 is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2017, which means that Americans will likely see the same game come into play as the government prepares to pass the USA Liberty Act—a bill that is the opposite of its namesake.

The Free Thought Project