Wetherspoons Marketing Director, Matt ‘Brexit’ Brannigan, responded to the Prime Minister’s directive that pubs can soon reopen, by announcing the launch of the company’s new breakfast beer, Hair of the Dog. “Research suggests that a lot of our customers would prefer to drink something stronger than tea or coffee with their Traditional English Breakfasts, but feel too self-conscious to order a pint of real ale or industrial-strength lager at 8 o’clock in the morning.

“We hope this new beer will help to overcome their natural reticence, encouraging them to follow the sterling example of our core clientele – hopeless alcoholics – who walk straight up to the bar and, without considering the time of day, or how they’re going to pay the rent, look the bar staff in the eye and order a restorative pint of Old Oblivion and a double whisky chaser”.

This marketing initiative follows the successful launch of One for the Road, a beer especially brewed to enhance the driving experience for jaded motorists by making them feel invulnerable even in the heaviest traffic.

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