image for Trump Wants HUGE Millenary Parade!
White House spokesperson, Hedy Lamar, models one of the hats to be featured in the Huge Millenary Parade this spring.

He saw it in Paris and now he wants one here. President Trump has announced his intentions to hold a “Huge” millenary parade later this year. “It’s going to be Huge! Huge hats! Huge Purses! Huge footwear!My parade will have all the latest fashions in women’s headwear. Flowers, fruit, feathers, bows, ribbons, but no ears!” An apparent reference to last years woman’s march and the pink “pussy” hats that were its trademark.

While still in the initial stages of planning, rumors suggest that the Parade will take place on the morning of April 1st. And though it will take place on Easter Sunday, the administration, at least for now, is taking great pains to avoid using the term “Easter Parade”.

Democrats and even some Republicans were quick to denounce the parade, calling it a waste of money and an attempt to objectify women. White House spokesperson, Hedy Lamar, said that that wasn’t the case at all. “The man knows his hats,” she said, “and he can’t wait to see them on parade.”

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