The U.S. made its case at the Shangri La security conference in Singapore for continued America strategic leadership in 21st century Asia.  It the case solid?  Or is it what Shakespeare called “sound and fury signifying nothing”?

America is clearly losing control of the master narrative for North Korean engagement.  Korean affairs at present are driven by Moon Jae In of South Korea and Kim Jong Un of North Korea with the support of China and Russia.

The U.S. is also struggling to regain control of the master narrative for Asian affairs as China leverages its economic power to undercut America’s military hegemony.

That’s creating some awkward and embarrassing moments for America’s foreign policy aristocracy.

American think tanks, pundits, and politicians used to derive their authority, legitimacy, and income from confidently echoing the American line.  Now they are still echoing the American line, but the disconnect of that line with Asian reality is growing.

What we see on display today is not expert understanding and insight concerning Asia; it’s American think tanks and pundits revealing that they can’t or won’t go beyond the U.S.-centric positions of their patrons and paymasters in the US government and defense industry.

America’s slip is showing…on the Korean peninsula and at Shangri La.

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My Asia Brief audio report on the history Americans don’t know… but drives current events on the Korean peninsula.  Resentment at the sacrifice of Korea to U.S. Cold War ambitions and the Japanese alliance runs deep…and Koreans in the North and South are finally able to do something about it.

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