By Chris Rossini

Socialism is an economic disaster whenever it’s imposed. There is more than enough evidence of this, and the reasons why this is so has been thoroughly explained.

But just because the truth about Socialism has been discovered and explained, doesn’t mean that everyone will accept it.

Many people know the truth about drugs and they still take them. People do plenty of other harmful things, despite their knowledge of the truth.

This is human nature. We are free to choose our own individual course. We can’t escape the consequences of our choices, but the freedom to make them is always there.

So when it comes to Socialism, there will always be people who desire it, no matter what. 


The only problem for you, is if people want to force you to live under it. And if that’s the case, then oppose it as fervently as you can, and if they succeed in gaining power, get your stuff and move somewhere else.

But what if there are people practicing Socialism and it has nothing to do with you?

Let’s say your neighbors down the street have a large family, and they want to practice Socialism within their family. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. They’re not bothering you. They’re not forcing you to do anything against your own will. It’s the wish of the people of this family to live this way.

Should you stomp down the street, knock down their door, and abolish their Socialism with brute force? Is it your job to set them straight? Must they live as you think they should live?

No! … Of course not!

Let’s now say that you live in Texas, and Socialism is largely frowned upon. But over in California, they decide to implement Socialism all over the place. They’re not forcing Texans to play any part in it. Texans don’t have to pay for it, and they’re not forced to do anything against their will. They can continue to live happily in Texas.

Should Texans take up arms and march to the Pacific coast to make things right? Should Texans go on a mission to abolish Californian Socialism? Must Californians live as Texans believe they should live?

No! … Of course not!

Hopefully, you’re picking up the pattern here.

What happens in Venezuela has absolutely no bearing on the United States and its citizens.

If they want to practice Socialism in Venezuela, let them knock themselves out. If they don’t want to, then it’s up to them to change their circumstances.

It’s not the business of anyone in America to change circumstances in Venezuela (or anywhere else in the world).

If you’re an American, and you don’t like Socialism, then focus on American politicians! There are plenty of them who want to enact (even more) Socialist policies in America. That’s where your focus should remain. It affects you. It’s your money and liberty that they’re after. 

If the Socialists gain any type of major power and influence in America, then get your stuff and move. It’s a big world, and there are pockets of freedom everywhere.

What happens in Venezuela is no threat whatsoever to your life, liberty and property.

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