Hey.  Did you play video games 35 years ago in the local arcade or on your Atari set at home?  Remember how thrilled you felt zapping into oblivion those enemy spaceships in Galaga, or slicing up the snakes & other obstacles in Dragon’s Lair?  I don’t care that I’m aging myself, stick with me.  I mean……those digital means are analogous to what the architects of modern global financial warfare scheme up in the way of fiscal threats in foreign nations & markets, only to later promise to zap them down, thereby drawing said nations back into a compliant, obedient fold.  Literally programming in perceived threats for an emerging market nation’s populace in order to get them riled up, only to then propose effective means for doing away with said nemesis using exclusively available tools, such as, say, the dollar as king global currency benchmark to tie the ruble, yuan, lira, rial, bolivar or other currency against.

Well, imagine the video game with glitches, or with malfunctioning code.  You’d walk away toward a better game.  One where the rules worked consistently and, perhaps, ‘winning’ involved not simply obtaining a high score, but a tangible prize like a toy or tokens you walked away with.  In the geopolitical equivalent, the ‘better game’ is being designed by the global East and South.  By Eurasian giants like Russia, China, Iran, Turkey & their growing list of multi-hemispheric partners who are sick of absorbing wanton economic sanctions & currency wars as if they’re weary participants in a morbid collective video game.  Like Jeff Bridges in Tron, or Keanu in the Matrix.  Yes, I’m old…

In this 26th episode of Money & Fear, and as always, in the show’s detailed Show Notes listed under the videos on our website, expect a detailed review of the massive economic and financial stakes underlying threats, sanctions, currency assaults and related acts of hostility from an anxious, desperate Atlanticist Establishment against rapidly scurrying, agile & increasingly cross-collaborative nations in the global East & South.  We’ll question the means used to punish nations straying from the Washington Consensus, the responses from these nations, and the critical roles of the US dollar versus rising rival currencies at the center of this Long Game of perception & confidence.

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Show Notes

Economic Protests Erupt In 10 Cities Across Iran

China Rejects U.S. Request to Cut Iran Oil Imports

Iran’s Gold Demand at Four-Year High Days Before Sanctions

US Senators Introduce Sanctions Bill, Targeting Russia’s Sovereign Debt, Energy

Iran’s Rial Is In A Death Spiral, Again

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Call on Rouhani to Halt Rial’s Drop

How BRICS Plus Clashes with the US Economic War on Iran

Pak, Iran, China, Russia spymasters discuss anti-IS steps

BEAMS of the Sunrise: A Look at BRICS 5-Year Cycles

It’s time to challenge Iranian misbehavior

Demise Of The Petrodollar Has The Potential To Reshape The Geopolitical World

Iran’s currency drops 14 percent in one day on sanctions fears

Western Sanctions Against Iran vs Expected Eastern Blowback

Newsbud Exclusive- NATO’s Currency War against Turkey: Comparative Resistance & Solutions

State Dept aims to cut Iran oil exports to zero but leaves wiggle room for some importers

China Looks to Buck Iranian Oil Sanctions

What’s at stake if trading at Strait of Hormuz is disrupted?

First Wave of Resumed Iran Sanctions Targets Automobiles, Currency, Gold

Russia Has ‘Good Reason’ to Bet on Gold Amid US Sanctions – Veteran Trader

Russia Dumps Treasuries for Gold

Russia Dumping US Treasuries, Buying Gold

Rob Kirby: There Is A Reason Russia And Others Are Dumping U.S. Bonds But Yields Aren’t Spiking

Iran says Trump’s oil ban on Iran is ‘self harm’: SHANA

Operation Praying Mantis

Russia, Iran and China All Have a Plan to Kill America’s Nuclear Submarines

Iran, China hold joint naval drill in Persian Gulf

Is Our Debt Burden Really $ 100 Trillion?

China’s petro-yuan ‘thundering into action’ as Iran ditches US dollar in oil trade

Erdogan’s Way – Time Magazine, 2011

How President Erdogan Is Turning Turkey Into Putin’s Russia

The ‘attack’ on the Turkish Lira and vulnerabilities

Lira hits all-time low as Erdogan warns of ‘economic war

Turkey: The emerging economy that doubled its GDP in a decade

Lira Crashes Through 5.00 As US Sanctions Hit 2 Turkish Govt Officials

U.S. Sanctions on Turkish Ministers Draw Vows of Retaliation

Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Iran, & the House of Saud – An Alliance Against The “Petrodollar”

Is Russia facilitating Trump’s strangulation of Iran?

Steve H. Hanke – CATO Institute

China’s Oil Futures Contract Is Beginning to Show Its Teeth


Iran’s Rial Hits Record-Low 100,000 to the Dollar

The National Interest – Masthead

The Chinese Dumped Billions in US Treasuries in March

Did Russia’s dumping of American debt force US Treasury to borrow more money?

China’s $ 1.2 trillion weapon that could be used in a trade war with the US

Venezuela’s Maduro says will shun U.S. dollar in favor of yuan, others

The Currency War Will Escalate as China’s ‘Petro-Yuan’ Challenges the U.S. Military-Backed ‘Petro-Dollar’

China is One Signature Away From Dealing the Dollar a Death Blow

Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11

Judge rules 9/11 lawsuit against Saudi Arabia can proceed

Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela May Empower U.S. Rivals

Russia’s Gazprom To Help Build Iran-India Gas Pipeline

The Proposed Iran-Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline: An Unacceptable Risk to Regional Security

Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, India Begin Testing North-South Transport Corridor with a Rally

Gold Will Always Be Money. Here Is Why.

The chemical reason gold makes a perfect currency

Saint Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange – Website

Iran’s currency in free fall as American sanctions loom

United States and Iran Unlikely to Face Off in Strait of Hormuz – Journalist

Iran threatens to block Strait of Hormuz over US oil sanctions – President signals Tehran could disrupt shipments, prompting warning from US military

The Real Threat to America: Iran May Close the Strait of Hormuz

Can Iran Crash Oil Markets By Blockading The Strait Of Hormuz?

The End of the Petrodollar? – This long-term economic trend should greatly trouble Washington

3 outcomes of Mr. Putin meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei

Demise Of The Petrodollar Has The Potential To Reshape The Geopolitical World

While China chips away at Petrodollar using an oil contract, Venezuela and Russia look towards cryptocurrencies to change the game

Oil economist predicts ‘US sanctions on Iran will not have any impact and will fail’

China has an Iran oil lever over Trump, and it’s all playing out at OPEC meeting

US sanctions on Iran behind yuan-traded oil futures gain on petrodollar

The Currency War Will Escalate as China’s ‘Petro-Yuan’ Challenges the U.S. Military-Backed ‘Petro-Dollar’

China’s petro-yuan ‘thundering into action’ as Iran ditches US dollar in oil trade

China is One Signature Away From Dealing the Dollar a Death Blow


Lira Crashes Through 5.00 As US Sanctions Hit 2 Turkish Govt Officials

TRUMP’S SECRET PLAN? Turn Russia into ‘battering ram’ against China

Iran’s Elite Guard Urges “Revolutionary Actions” To Halt Rial’s Death Spiral

Iran says spying serivces playing role in economic turmoil

Basij ready to help government in economic war

Iran’s Rial Hits Record-Low 100,000 to the Dollar

Will China Undermines Trump’s Iran Strategy?


On Measuring Hyperinflation: Venezuela’s Episode by Steve H. Hanke and Charles Bushnell

Iran Sanctions – U.S. Dept. of the Treasury


War With Iran: Political, Military, and Economic Consequences by Geoffrey Kemp & John Allen Gay

The Gold Cartel by Dimitri Speck

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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