The moment president Donald Trump invited the neocon John Bolton to run his foreign policy it was obvious Iran would fall between the crosshairs. Bolton has advocated killing Iranians since his days as US ambassador (unconfirmed) to the UN. Last month, Trump threatened Iran and president Rouhani. The Donald felt it was necessary to use all caps to get his message across. Following this, ABC News in Australia reported sources in the government saying an attack on Iran could come this month. Iran has always figured large on the neocon hit list. Now Bolton and the Defense of Democracy crowd and their fellow travelers in Congress are finally in a position to do to Iran what they did to Iraq—send the country back to the Stone Age. It’s not about nukes. It’s about taking out the only viable competitor in the Middle East. As in Iraq this will entail taking out all traces of modernity—electricity, sanitation, water purification, agriculture, hospitals, government institutions, and more. This is what Bush and the neocons targeted in Iraq after the country suffered a raft of medieval sanctions, killing half a million children. The financial elite and its political class will push for war—economic and military—and Trump and his neocons will follow instructions. The American people will also follow along, unable to think for themselves and dependent on the propaganda media to formulate their opinions.

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Show Notes

John Bolton wants regime change in Iran, and so does the cult that paid him

Trump Threatens Iran on Twitter, Warning Rouhani of Dire ‘Consequences’

Donald Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran, Australian Government figures say

James Mattis says reports of imminent strike on Iran are ‘fiction’

Could the U.S. fight dual wars in North Korea and Iran? After diplomacy breaks down, questions loom.

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