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Tempe, AZ — Outrage has sparked online after a video surfaced of an innocent woman being dragged from her car, handcuffed, and then dragged down the street by police as she screamed for help.

The incident happened on the night of July 4th as people began leaving the area after the fireworks show ended in Tempe. A police officer was directing pedestrian and car traffic and apparently could have used a little more training on how to do so.

According to the person who took the video, the woman thought the police officer directing traffic waved her on to drive through the intersection. However, she had misunderstood the signal and drove forward when she was supposed to stop.

Greg Schenk, the man who took the video, explained what was going on in a post on Facebook:

the officer was getting frustrated and hitting people’s cars that couldn’t understand her directions. the woman pictured was not impaired and misinterpreted the officer’s directions. the officer directed pedestrians to cross the street, yet the woman seen being dragged assumed the officer instructed her to go through the intersection. people were not allowed to turn and i heard the officer yell at motorists “go straight or i will ticket you!” the officer hit the woman’s car and threatened to break her window after giving her conflicting instructions to unlock the car, roll the window down, open the door, and to present her drivers license. once she unlocked the door the officer opened the door and pulled her out screaming. she was clearly confused and had no intent of breaking the law.”

As the video shows, this misunderstanding prompted the police officer to stop the woman and then all hell broke loose.

“She’s getting treated like dirt because she didn’t know which way she was going,” said Reese Williams, Schenk’s roommate, who also witnessed the abuse.

Why, exactly, the officer demanded the woman stop in the middle of the road is unclear. It is normal procedure to tell the person driving to pull over off to the side.

“[The officer] should’ve probably just asked the woman to pull over to the side instead of snatching her out of the car,” Williams said.

Highlighting the insidious nature of the stop and subsequent abuse, the woman — who remains unidentified — was not charged with crime nor was she given a citation of any kind. After she was mercilessly humiliated and abused, the innocent woman was released.

According to AZ Central, Detective Lily Duran, a Tempe police spokeswoman, confirmed the officer is with the Tempe Police Department. She said the agency is looking into the incident after being contacted about it by The Arizona Republic.

When asked why the woman was stopped in the first place, the Tempe police chose to remain silent. Duran also would not answer the question of whether or not the officer who attacked the innocent woman was suspended for the brutal act caught on video.

If you’d like to peacefully voice your concern over the abuse seen in the video below, you can do so at the Tempe Police Department’s Facebook page, here. 

literally dragged out of her car and arrested on 5th and Hardy because she got confused by the cop directing traffic

Posted by Greg Schenk on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

As TFTP has reported in the past, officers directing traffic often become distracted and enraged. When they aren’t texting while telling people which way to go, they are attempting to kill them.

Last year North Carolina family narrowly escaped with their lives when an off-duty Atlanta police supervisor opened fire at their vehicle while directing traffic — because they made a wrong turn.

Forty-six-year-old Noel Hall, his wife, sons, grandson, and another passenger were leaving a motocross event at the Georgia Dome when the officer mistakenly thought their van was driving toward him and so he opened fire, striking Hall in the process.

Luckily for the woman in the video above, she escaped without being shot.

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