Victims of the war in Yemen have taken time out from being bombed by Saudi-led coalition forces to roundly condemn the raincoat worn by Jeremy Corbyn at the Remembrance Day service held at the Cenotaph last Sunday.
Yemenis on both sides of the conflict agreed the coat worn by the Labour leader was totally inappropriate for the occasion and showed a complete lack of style and fashion sense.
One badly wounded Yemeni man hiding under a sheet of corrugated iron said he thought the Labour leader should have gone with something more flattering, arguing that a knee length cashmere overcoat would have looked nicer than a hooded raincoat.
‘Nothing shows how much you care about those who have died on the battlefield more than an expensive overcoat’. said the dying man.

Yemeni schoolchildren were particularly scathing in their condemnation of the Labour leader. ‘There are plenty of quality cashmere coats out there to choose from’,  said 9 year old Youssan Habbdi.  ‘There was absolutely no need to wear a raincoat. Judging from the close up footage of Mr.Corbyn’s poppy shown by the BBC, the showers were light and did not necessitate a raincoat. In fact, a single breasted Italian coat with a wool/cashmere combination would have protected Corbyn from the cold November wind far more effectively than a raincoat.’
‘Mr.Corbyn was surrounded by much smarter looking people with much bigger poppies’, continued little Youssan.  ‘They may have been arms dealers and war mongers but you couldn’t  fault their choice of overcoat or poppy. It’s OK for Mr.Corbyn to condemn war but if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to ditch the raincoat’.

But one Yemeni mother, nursing her dead 3 year old baby defended the raincoat saying it ‘looked sensible’ and if given the choice of a funeral shroud made from a raincoat or cashmere overcoat she would go with the raincoat every time.

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