By Chris Rossini


All day…Every day.

Individual humans are endowed with individual liberty, and the foundation of that liberty is the freedom to choose what they will accept, and what they will reject.

What is accepted becomes a part of that individual, sometimes literally!

When we go to dinner buffet, a multitude of food choices await for the critical decision to be made. Those foods that are chosen will be turned into blood and literally assimilated into the physical body. Those that are rejected do not. 

The same applies to the mental aspect of life. The ideas that we believe will tend to attract the associated circumstances into our lives. Those who perpetually complain always seem to have circumstances to complain about. Those who are perpetually expressing gratitude never seem to run out of things to be grateful for.

There is something very important about the ideas that we allow to dominate in our own individual lives.

Those dominant ideas are evaluated by others as well, and form the cornerstone of our relationships with others.

When we go out on a date, or apply for a job, the other individual’s primary concern is to see what we’ve accepted, and what we’ve rejected when it comes to our beliefs and choices. Do our beliefs align with what they are looking for, or not?

How exactly do ideas attract circumstances anyway?

This writer cannot explain how food turns into blood, or how ideas act like a magnet. Nor does he believe anyone else can fully explain it either.

No one can explain exactly how the seed produces the 100 ft. tree, or how something as massive a 100 ft. tree can be contained in a tiny little seed.

But we do know that when that seed is planted into the soil, things start to happen. The wind…the rain…the Sun and all the elements of Life get to work to produce the circumstance of the tree.

In America, thanks to the recognition of individual liberty and the centuries of capital accumulation that have accrued, we have a cornucopia of foods to choose from, that become a part of our physical bodies. The supermarkets are packed, the restaurants are on every corner, and we accept and reject the contents of our diet every single day.

The choice is always up to the individual on which foods will be assimilated. The individual is sovereign. No one lifts the spoon into the mouth, but the individual himself. 

Also in America, the 1st Amendment has kept government censorship of ideas largely at bay (though the government and its proxies are always working vigilantly to make censorship acceptable). They are doomed to failure, but they’ll have to learn that for themselves.

Because freedom of speech is valued in America, there are a cornucopia of ideas to choose from in order to shape our individual lives. They are available to us in abundance.

Just as harmful foods are always an option to be accepted or rejected, so are harmful ideas.

The truth in every instance is always there, and always inviolable, but getting to it takes effort. Those who truly desire the truth will find it.

The ideas that we choose to accept will (somehow) get to work on attracting the circumstances that come with them. The ideas that we reject will (somehow) tend to leave us alone.

The choice is always up to the individual. Blaming mainstream media, or politicians, or professors, family, or friends, or co-workers cannot get us off the hook.

You choose. You’ll tend to attract.

The same applies to your neighbors. What they choose, they’ll tend to attract.

The easy road (that is most often taken) is to try to run away and hide from this liberty to choose. The easy road is to blame, which leads to a mentality of powerlessness.

This error is then compounded by another easy but harmful choice: Assigning to oneself the responsibility of what others will accept or reject. The tendency is to use force against others in order to reach for the impossible. They’ll accept what you tell them to accept. They’ll reject what you tell them to reject.

This is the ultimate dead end.

Ignoring one’s own liberty, and then trying to squash the liberty of others is the road to pain.

We are each endowed with the individual liberty to choose. That endowment cannot and will not be overridden.

In this corner of the Internet, the idea that is championed is the recognition and honoring of this individual liberty….accepting the responsibility for one’s own choices and circumstances, and rejecting the temptation to use force against others.

It’s a worthy purpose that will keep us busy for a lifetime.

Happy Independence Day!

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