Both men are bald, Meeks has more tatts

Washington DC – (Reuterus): President Trump’s acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has a red-hot doppelgänger according to a flagship FBI facial recognition data dump harvested at The Spoof.

Eminent Justice Department honcho Matthew Whitaker, acting successor to the fired Jeff Sessions, was dubbed ‘as hot as they come’ at a Congressional hearing Friday due to his physical resemblance to Jeremy Meeks.**

Monaco-based model Jeremy is the current impregnator of pointless Brit richkid Ms Chloe Green whose billionaire dad Philip is a bit of a spiv.

Commenting on the million-dollar earning catwalk sensation a Hearing insider said Meeks, 69, has form as an ex-federal felon who served jailtime at Mendota Federal Correctional Institute.

Mostly for firearm possession and grand theft during his time as a member of the North Side Gangster Crips.

Whitaker meanwhile is an upright Justice Department lifer and sometime CNN contributor.

Both men are bald but look good in leopardprint. (Nah, snakeskin – Ed)

** give or take 60lbs, 15 years and 300 tattoos

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