When Brian Selby of Ashby-de-la-Zouch was a twelve year old schoolboy, a teacher once told him that he would never amount to anything. Now forty-one years later in a flat he doesn’t own, with no job, no family and a string of petty criminal violations behind him, he’s finally realised the uncanny accuracy of his teacher’s prediction.

Quoted in the Ashby Gazette, Mr Selby, 53, said ‘At the time I was livid, I thought to myself ‘I’ll show them, I’m going to really make something of myself’, but looking back now it seems that his forecast was spot on’.

Mr Selby said he remained unsure whether Mr Simmons, his second year form teacher, intended the judgement as a motivational tool, or if he was just trying to prepare him for the likely outcome of his life.

‘It could all have been so different if things had worked out another way…’ said Brian, as he searched for an old crust of pizza among the piles of delivery boxes scattered around his bed-sit, ‘but in all likelihood I was probably destined to wake up at 11am and spend my days watching Countdown in my underwear.’

During the last four decades Mr Selby has briefly had a number of low-skilled menial jobs but none of them worked out due to ‘rules about turning up in the morning’. But the sudden memory of his teacher’s uncanny prediction seems to have acted as a wake up call to the over-weight under-achiever. ‘In fact I am going to track down my old form teacher and congratulate him in person. Yes, and my determined search and our eventual reunion could be the subject of my first book, a heart-warming quest-stroke-memoir that launches my career as a writer. Actually sod it I can’t be bothered.’


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