The establishment war against so-called fake news launched after the Democrats lost the election has moved to the next level. Activists on social media tweeting about the situation in Syria are being denounced as either Russian trolls or bots. The latter insinuation claims these critics of government policy in regard to Syria and Russia are not even human, they’re algorithms sent out by agents of Vladimir Putin. In the past, the US and the UK governments more or less ignored criticism of their illegal wars. Even though Bush minimized the influence of antiwar groups at the time, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security shared an interest and monitored and infiltrated their operations. For the most part, the government has ignored activism, but during periods like the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, and prior to this, after the First World War and the rise of the labor movement and anarchism and communism, it has moved aggressively to not only discredit activists and their movements, but attack them directly in various ways, including through violence and assassination. The latest spate of attacks on individual activists may result in activists being locked out of social media. This has already happened with a number of political figures, mostly on the so-called alt-right, and there is evidence it may extend to those of us who question the false flags and propaganda of the national security state. More than ever, alternative social media platforms need to be built and patronized. We can no longer depend on Google, Facebook, and increasingly Twitter which serve the interests of the state, its intelligence and surveillance operations, and ultimately the global elite or deep state.

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