Phoenix, AZ. A bill to be introduced in the Arizona state assembly in early January would make Arizona the first "Second Amendment Sanctuary" state in the U.S. Insiders predict that the Republican-dominated legislature will pass the proposal overwhelmingly and that the governor will quickly sign it.

Under the law, "All federal and local acts, laws, orders, ordinances, rules or regulations regarding firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition are a violation of the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, and are hereby declared null and void in the state of Arizona."

Specifically, background checks for the purchase of guns would be outlawed, as would any effort by an Arizona city to prohibit carrying concealed weapons or the use of bump stocks. Law enforcement agencies in Arizona would not cooperate with federal authorities attempting to enforce existing U.S. regulations on firearms, etc.

Arizona has long been a leader in enforcing a conservative interpretation of the Second Amendment, and the introduction of this bill is not a surprise. It is modeled on a city ordinance now under consideration by the city council in Republic, Washington, but passage of the Republic ordinance is doubtful.

It is unlikely that the Trump administration, and the justice department in particular, will oppose the Arizona law, when passed. It will probably survive an expected appeal by opponents to the Supreme Court.

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