“It never rains but it pours”, is the way the old saying goes, and it was never more true than on Tuesday night at Anfield, when the Barcelona football team, humiliated and dumped out of the Champions League by Liverpool, emerged from the stadium for their trip back to Spain, and found their team bus ‘up on bricks’.

It’s a fate that has befallen many opposing football fans in the past, who have elected not to pay the urchins in the streets around the Anfield stadium, who demand:

“a fiver to look after yer car, mate.”

Pay, and your car is theoretically safe; otherwise, wheels tend to disappear, and bricks come into play.

The players and management of the Catalan club stared in disbelief at the bus-minus-its-wheels, and were forced to order taxis back to Liverpool airport for their flight back to Spain.

Luis Suarez, a former Liverpool player, said:

“We’ve been demolished inside the stadium, and the bus has been demolished outside of it. Scouse bastards!”

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