The BBC has been forced to shelve plans for its latest planned blockbuster drama The Establishment after running into major problems attracting suitable actors. The drama focussed on the friction caused to the Government by the House of Lords over the 75 years since the second world war.

A BBC spokesman said, “The difficulty the Corporation has faced is a result of the success that British Television has had in producing high quality aristocratic drama.”

His comment is believed to reference the successes of series such as Downton Abbey, The Crown and Bridgerton, none of which were produced by the BBC.

The BBC is understood to have insisted that any actor who featured in a major role in those dramas could not play a major role in The Establishment. This resulted in a severe shortage of suitable actors.

Producers made some surprising choices, before finally deciding that the project was unachievable. Whilst a host of famous actors from around the world were successfully cast into lead roles, such as Danny DeVito playing Alex Salmond, Adam Sandler to play David Cameron, Steven Seagal as Winston Churchill and Owen Wilson as Boris Johnson.

The lack of suitable British actors forced the BBC to approach members of the casts of Eastenders, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks. The final straw seems to have been Danny Dyer’s inablility to learn his lines as Duke of Edinburgh and repeatedly refer to Buckingham Palace as his “ball and chain’s gaff”.

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