The new interim leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has been widely mocked on social media after a “car crash” TV interview saw her accidentally let it slip out that her pro-Brexit party was “racist.”

During an interview with Sky News on Monday, Pat Mountain appeared particularly flustered discussing UKIP’s links to convicted criminal Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – more commonly known as Tommy Robinson.

While attempting to explain how some party members were “sympathetic” to Robinson’s current predicament, Mountain appeared to get herself into a muddle and suggested UKIP is a racist party, before correcting herself.

But unlike other parties, you know, because of his association with other racist parties… well, not other racist parties… well, racist parties.

Asked whether her party had any black candidates standing in this year’s general election, Mountain revealed that they had none, before clumsily adding: “Well, we do have… erm, I think he’s Indian.”

The interview has been branded a “car crash” by many on social media, with some claiming Mountain was “completely and utterly out of her depth.” One person on Twitter mocking the UKIP interim leader for her performance, said: “She literally didn’t know anything about her own party.”

Mountain, who took over the party leadership from Richard Braine after a mere two months in charge, also struggled with details on a range of other issues, including asylum laws, PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, and how UKIP is different to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

The politician revealed that that her party will be standing 44 candidates in “very carefully chosen seats,” for the December 12 snap poll, as UKIP does not want to harm the chances of “actual Brexiters.”

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