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HUMOR 3 hours ago

Festival of Stinking Toilets to go ahead|Humor

China’s anal swab for covid declared “act of warâ€� by Pelosi congress|Humor

HUMOR 2 days ago

English Country Life: How Much Do You Know?|Humor

HUMOR 3 days ago

Capitol Building insurrection blamed on lack of intelligence|Humor

HUMOR 4 days ago

Giggling Martians awaiting discovery of huge cock and balls on dark side of Mars|Humor

HUMOR 5 days ago

Cryogenically frozen customer finally gets through to helpline|Humor

HUMOR 6 days ago

Able Rodriguez wins Nobel Prize in Literature|Humor

HUMOR 1 week ago

Man Was Forced To Endure Excrutiating Wait Outside Bathroom|Humor

HUMOR 1 week ago

Man Defers Wank For Another Time|Humor

HUMOR 1 week ago

Man With Herpes On His Top Lip Told His Wife “It’s Nowt”|Humor

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