The financial services firm CNJ Finance has dazzled its 2,300 employees with a new and improved strategic vision.

Barry, from accounts, was overcome with emotion: “It was one of the most incredible moments of my life. It just seemed like a regular boring old conference at first – coffee that tastes like shit, Jill from HR presenting about 500 PowerPoint slides about some crap or other – the usual stuff really. But then this one slide came up with the company’s new vision on and, wow, what a moment. There were these words, these amazing, inspiring words, and they were even in these little coloured circles that made all the difference. The piece de la resistance was the PowerPoint animation, which meant the words appeared slowly like a mind-blowing apparition.”

The company’s vision includes a host of unique, never-thought-of-before ‘pillars’, like Teamwork, Growth and Profit.

CEO of CNJ Finance, Tom B Smith, confirmed the corporate thinking: “We knew this would blow everyone away. It’s definitely more inspiring than that Martin Luther King speech because his was just about some dream or other.  For CNJ Finance, this vision is our reality. Given that it only cost us £128,000 in consultancy fees for the agency to think this one up, it was a no brainer.”


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