Labour’s election campaign has once again been derailed by highly-credible claims of antisemitism, aimed at leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Following on from the intervention of the Chief Rabbi, coincidentally after the party’s manifesto said it would stop arms sales to Israel, and the car crash interview in which Corbyn was not allowed to answer a single question by Andrew Neil, there are now claims that the party slogan was meant to be “For the many, not for the Jew” and only a deliberate typo by a conscientious staff member prevented this.

When asked eighty-seven times by Neil if this were true, Corbyn replied “no” eighty-seven times, and then refused to apologise for the hurt this would have caused to the Jewish community if it hadn’t been stopped.

Meanwhile, there have been no reports of Conservative candidates posting hateful material on social media, and the Prime Minister has again stressed that he has never said anything racist, sexist or homophobic, and will get Brexit done.

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