image for Happy Couple Embarrassed to Admit They Met Offline
Jason and Carolyn are living proof that love can happen in mysterious ways – even offline.

Sickeningly-sweet New York City couple, Jason Morley and Carolyn Shea, recently – and reluctantly – revealed to their friends that they met offline, rather than through an online dating site.

“We actually met waiting in line at a coffee shop,” said Carolyn. “Which seems so lame! But it’s the truth.”

“So I guess in sense we could claim we met on line!” noted Jason, with a playful poke to Carolyn’s side.

“Ha!” she said. “You’re right.”

Jason confessed that he’d been telling his male buddies that he and Carolyn, who have now been dating seriously for almost three months, met on “some random dating site” but that he couldn’t remember which one. He said that that response met with approval from his site-hopping friends, who enjoy maintaining multiple profiles on various dating apps.

Carolyn, on the other hand, had been telling her girlfriends that she and Jason met through the online dating website MeetMindful. “It seemed a little classier and kind of outside-the-box, but in a good way,” explained Carolyn. “Plus none of them were on there, so I knew they wouldn’t be able to double-check my story.”

Her friends did occasionally question why she and/or Jason, neither of whom had ever expressed any interest in mindfulness, meditation, or Buddhism, would join such a site. Carolyn says that in response, she would tell them that she signed up on a whim, when she was drunk.

Ultimately, though, Jason and Carolyn grew tired of misrepresenting their “how we met” story.

“It was just too much work to keep up the facade,” says Carolyn. “And we realized that these people were our friends – they’d understand. And they did. First we told them in person, and that didn’t go so well. But once we posted the information on Facebook, people actually liked the story. Officially.”

“We’re different,” concluded Jason. “And that’s okay.”

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