Yesterday during a training session at Old Trafford, star Man Utd defender performed the famous ‘Kamehameha’ in a mock attempt to stop Daniel James’ shot.

Unbeknownst to tbe defender, a real beam of light actually shot out and hit three other players on the other side of the pitch: Diogo Dalot, Luke Shaw and Anthony Martial.

Fortunately, Maguire had done the attack jokingly and had not been full of rage, so the players were not severely injured.

When interviewed about it, Maguire said, “My mother always dropped hints about my ‘Saiyan’ heritage, but never said anything about it. Well, that explains why I have a tail!”

Maguire also explained that his mother never allowed the family to go out during nights of the full moon.

Well, now other teams should know not to trigger the slab-headed defender, otherwise we might see a golden-haired Maguire soon.

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