HARFOLD, Vt. – We've all been "hangry," that grumpy disposition when we get home late and haven't had a meal. God forbid you've missed an entire meal.

But the female cafeteria staff at Harfold State College in Harfold, Vermont, have determined that there's one thing that can majorly escalate feelings of hangry in their spouses:

Combine a missed meal with the fact that you haven't brought him his goddamn beer and you've pretty much asked for an evening of pure shit hitting the fan.

Said Gayle Dubé, salad prep specialist, "If my Daryl has plopped his ass in his chair and actually sits there longer than three minutes without his Papst Blue Ribbon, am I ever gonna hear about it!

"One night he wouldn't shut up about it, so I got him another beer–with two crushed up sleeping pills stirred in for fun. If my Daryl didn't pass out within 20 minutes and promptly pee himself!"

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