Ja Rule Don't Rule Out Fyre Fest 2.0 … It Could be Iconic!!!

2/14/2019 5:50 PM PST


You gotta admire Ja Rule‘s gusto because, despite the massive fiasco that was Fyre Festival, he’s not giving up on the dream of making it happen … for real this time.

We got the rapper Thursday at LAX and he says he still hasn’t watched either of the popular documentaries on Fyre. As you know, it ended with Ja’s Fyre biz partner, Billy McFarland, going to prison, and landing on the wrong end of a $ 2.8 million suit.

He says he’s not laughing off the ordeal, because he lived through it and it was heartbreaking — but it sounds like he’s got a huge redemption story in mind.

Check out the clip … Ja tells us he’s back at it with a Fyre-like app, and has plans for a festival that will actually turn out to be as “iconic” as advertised. We smell another documentary — maybe with a happy ending this time.

Speaking of which, if Ja’s smart he’ll get Andy King on the team again!

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