A man who was making a visit to the supermarket to get some essential groceries for his 83-year-old mam, has responded to claims that he was wasting shopworkers’ time yesterday – by purchasing underpants.

Staff and customers of the Tesco Superstore on Beverley High Road in Hull, East Yorkshire looked on in disbelief as 56-year-old Myke Woodson calmly emptied 15 packs of underpants onto the check-out conveyor belt, and stood ready with his cash.

Check-out operator, Monica Spue, asked:

“Are these essential items, sir?”

Woodson answered that they would be at some point in the future.

A security guard was called, and escorted Mr. Woodson from the premises, and to the edge of the car park.

Later, Woodson said:

“They didn’t have what me mam wanted, and I saw the underpants They were the ‘briefs’ type – with the inverted ‘Y’ at the front – which is the kind I like. The elastic in the waistband seemed like good quality, as did that in the legholes. That’s important to me, as the elastic in some underpants goes slack at the legholes, and, when neighbours pop round to see me mam, and I’m sat watching TV in me undies, they can see me ‘meat and two veg’ poking out of the leghole.”

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