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When 40 winks starts to become 41…

There were raised eyebrows in at least one household in the Battambang area last night, when an Englishman living in the locality declared he was “retiring early“, and trudged off up the stairs to bed.

Moys Kenwood, 54, usually settles down for the night at around 10:30pm, but he’d had a hard, not to say stressful, day at work, and just could not, by as early as eight o’clock, keep his eyes open any longer.

He informed his wife of his decision, and bade her and his children “goodnight”, then slunk off to a chorus of sniggering, mostly behind hands.

Mr Kenwood’s tiredness of late is something that has not escaped the attention of his very observant wife, but not even she is aware that her husband has been taking lunchtime naps at work, as well as occasionally dropping-off during lessons.

According to Kenwood’s colleague at the school, Teacher John:

It’s the boredom. Teaching these kids is a thankless task. Plus it’s hot. He’s nearly 55, and it’s a punishing schedule. Put that all together and you can see why the poor bloke is feeling a bit run-down.

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