BILLINGSGATE POST: “I knew a man, Bojangles and he danced for you in worn out shoes…..”

Justin Bojangles Trudeau – Has a nice ring to it, huh? Think he ever knew how comforting worn out shoes felt? He wore velvet slippers instead.

“Silver hair, a ragged shirt and baggy pants, the old soft shoe…”

Sounds like an opportunity to go Blackface again for Justin Bojangles.

“He jumped so high…He jumped so high…”

Someone must have goosed Justin twice.

“Then he’d lightly touch down…”

Always a soft landing.

“He grabbed his pants, a better stance…”

He bent over and took it in the shorts.

“He danced for those minstrel shows and county fairs…”

At least three times and still counting, did Justin.

“He said I drink a bit. He shook his head…”

That’s why he did it. Then he denied it.

Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles

Slim: “Reminds me of Michael Jackson.”

Dirty: “Yo, Dude. I wonder if you goose him, if he can moon walk?”

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