The long-term mystery of why US President-elect Joe Biden has earned the nickname of ‘Sleepy Joe’ has been solved by a man who thinks about this kind of thing far too much, it’s been reported.

Biden, who takes over the leadership of the country tomorrow, Wednesday, 20 January, after beating Donald Trump in the November presidential election, comes across as a very laid-back character, who, claim many people, gives the impression he may slip into the Land of Nod at any given moment.

But now, a political analyst, Myke Woodson, of Oaf-on-Sea in East Yorkshire, thinks he may be able to shed some light on how the nickname got started. He said:

“It’s very simple. ‘Joe Biden’ is an anagram of ‘Joe in bed’. See? It’s hardly rocket science!”

Mr. Biden’s real name is Joseph Biden, and, by a process of rearrangement of the letters in it, ‘Joseph in bed’ can be arrived at.

Not even outgoing president, Donald Trump could argue with Woodson’s straightforward logic.

With Trump’s history as someone who seems to treat women unfairly, with little or no respect, and regards them as mere objects, he might prefer Mr. Biden’s ‘Sleepy’ label, rather than the one many non-admirers have fitted him with: ‘Creepy Don’.

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