PrincePoetry & Photos Poised for ReleaseUnder Paisley Park Umbrella

4/22/2018 1:00 AM PDT


Prince‘s vast collection of unreleased music isn’t the only way his estate will reap money for years to come — turns out his words, as in poetry and lyrics, could also be gold.

Paisley Park Enterprises — the merchandising arm of Prince’s estate — has filed paperwork to produce printed content. According to the docs, it will include collector’s books of his handwritten lyrics as well as poetry. Prince’s never-before-released photos and journals could also be flipped for a profit.

It’s great news for fans eager to celebrate Prince’s life as Saturday marks the 2nd anniversary of his death. The only bad news … no word on when PPE will start publishing the material.

As we reported … cops released video Thursday that was shot inside Prince’s home the day they found him dead. Their 2-year investigation determined there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges in his death.

Photos were also released inside his legendary vault containing shelves upon shelves of recordings … many unreleased … which we know the estate wants to release eventually.

The vault also stored tons of recording equipment, and large sums of cash.

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